Affiliate Marketing: Knowing your Customers

Affiliate Marketing may best be described as an agreement between associates or affiliate and merchants where the associate earns a commission fee for generating business for the merchant. Some Affiliate Marketing programs pay the associate or affiliate commissions for sales, generating leads, or sending customers to their website through clicks. There are numerous affiliate marketing programs to consider joining, but one thing is certain, every affiliate must choose programs that target his or her customers.

Knowing your customers’ or website visitor’s preferences will enable you to choose Affiliate Marketing programs that are best suited for their needs. Since you are a webmaster or blogger, it is your responsibility to create a site that attracts visitors and builds a level of trust. Every visitor that arrives at your site is a potential customer and the affiliate marketing programs that you join must appeal to your visitors, or your efforts will be fruitless. It is imperative that you understand who the visitors of your site are, what they are interested in, what their preferences are, and promote affiliate marketing programs that will appeal to them.

Adding a Frequently Asked Questions area to your site is an informative way in which you can find out more about your visitor’s needs. By having a section on your website where visitors can ask questions, you can determine what Affiliate Programs would best suit their requirements. If you consider that your customer’s have unsolved problems, then look for affiliate programs that would solve those problems, you’ll find greater success with your marketing efforts.

Look closely at their questions and determine which questions are being asked frequently. You can then use the information to choose Affiliate Marketing programs and place ads directly on your site, or place the ads in your newsletters. A great tip is to include the FAQ from your website in your newsletters, as this also increase the relationship between you and your customers. Understanding the needs of your customer’s is crucial for implementing successful Affiliate Marketing strategies.

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Using Banner Ads To Attract Traffic – They Still Work

here are so many different ways on the internet to gain website traffic and sometimes it can be a daunting and confusing and you just aren’t sure where to start.  The internet is constantly evolving and so too are the methods for advertising as website.

Banner ads are one of the most effective ways to advertise your website.  Have a look around and you will see banner ads everywhere, on personal websites, on blogs and on the search engines.  The reason they are everywhere is because they work and people are making the most of them and using them whenever possible to advertise their products or website.  Banner ads are very effective and can be quite low cost if you set them up properly.

Banners ads are designed specifically to promote certain products or services and are generally based on brand recognition.  The ad uses its limited space to describe the product or service with enough information to make it attractive to those who see the ad.  They will have a call to action to encourage people to click on the banner and visit their website. 

When using banner advertising you should aim the banners toward targeted traffic so that you don’t have hundreds of people clicking on your ad when they really aren’t interested in the product or service you are promoting.  If you are paying per click then this can get quite expensive so if you target specific people then you will only pay for people that really are interested in what you have to offer. 

Targeted traffic = higher sales and higher profits!

There are many different methods for using banner advertising so there is no fixed campaign type.  Google Adwords and Overture have a number of tools that you can use to enhance your advertising campaign and your website. 

Google and Overture can give you more insight on the type of campaign that will be most effective for your business.  They can help to locate the best phrases and terms to use in your banner advertising campaign. It is by using the best phrases, keywords and terms that you will get the most targeted traffic to your website.  If you aren’t using targeted keywords and phrases then you are wasting your time and effort and you will be paying much more than you should be.

Here are some tips that can increase the effectiveness of your banner advertising efforts:

1. Banners have a limited amount of space so you need to use that space wisely.  You need to use attention grabbing content so that the small amount of text will say something that is going to grab the attention of those who see it.

2. Add a picture to the banner so visitors will have a visual of the product.  Most people respond better when they see a picture of what’s on offer.

3. Don’t use over-sized banners. Large banners may fit more on them but they won’t get you any more traffic.  Large banners just seem to clutter the site where they are posted and for that reason they may actually get less clicks than a smaller banner.

4. Make your banner look professional.  To have a professional looking banner you want it to be subtle but to get the point across.  Don’t fill the banner with many different colors and fonts, this just looks like something a child created and not something professional.  Keep it simple!

5. A banner must have a ‘call to action’ for your visitors to be more inclined to click on the ad.  Although we know a banner ad is for clicking on, if one has a ‘call to action’ like a ‘Click Here’ button then you are taking charge and directing the visitors to click on the ad.

6. Make sure your content is readable and not too cluttered.  You want content that is motivational to peak the visitors interest and entice them to click on the ad.

7. Always test the links of the banner to make sure that it does go through to your site.  It would be terrible to be paying for advertising and your visitors not being directed to the right website.

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Targeted Traffic Is Good Traffic And Profitable Traffic

If you want good traffic to your website then you really need to target your audience.  There is no point having hundreds of visitors to your website every day if they are visitors that have no interest in your site or product at all.  Having 10 targeted visitors it better than 100 non-targeted visitors.  Non-targeted visitors are not going to buy the products you are promoting.  There is a big difference between getting traffic to your site and getting buying traffic to your site.

To get targeted traffic to your website you need an understanding of the demographics and the market that you want to reach.  This will take some time and research but it is worth it.  You are in the business to make money and taking the time to do your research now will actually save you time in the long term.

When you advertise, always place your advertising on other websites that are specific to the audience you are targeting.  Be really selective with the placements of your ads so that you are paying for advertising that is only being shown to people that are interested in your niche.  Although being selective with your ad placement will most likely reduce the traffic coming to your site, you will find that your sales will increase.

Be very careful with how you word your advertising.  Simple changes to the words or phrases in your ad can make a big difference to the type of traffic you get.  Use content that will target those who are interested in your product but will be of no interest to those people who are ‘non-buyers’.  Give details of the product so that you are telling your customers exactly what you are offering.

You want to place your advertisements on sites that are content based and have content that is relevant to your niche.  People viewing the site are people that will be interested in your product so will click on your ad when they see it.  Remember to be specific with the ad content details.

When you are advertising try using different forms of the keywords and phrases and different people will search for the same information by using different words.  By targeting an expanded range of keywords and phrases you are gaining rankings for multiple terms which will increase your traffic.

When created your ad try to think like your customer.  Ask yourself what would make you click on that ad and then buy your product.  When you start thinking like a customer’s you really increase your targeted audience and your sales.  If it means that you need to change your advertising approach completely then do it, you need to do whatever it takes to increase your sales.

Don’t use the same old advertising techniques that people have always used.  Don’t get stuck in a rut with your advertising.  Try something different and tweak your ads until you are getting the results you are looking for.

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Online Marketing Campaign For Driving Traffic

Devising an effective online marketing campaign can be done by you or you can hire a company or individual to help you out. It really just depends on your budget, your time and your current level of expertise.

Building a profitable online business takes a lot of puzzle pieces to make work. There is the design and layout of your website, the products you choose to sell, and last but not least, the best ways to get traffic to your website.

This last one, getting traffic, is a biggie. No matter how beautiful your website is or how great your product is, if no one sees your site you won’t make any sales and you will be out of business in no time.

This is where many newcomers to an online business mess up. They don’t understand that most of the online courses that they can buy are all actually geared to teaching different methods of driving traffic to your website.

They will buy one course after another looking for something to work quickly and easily. When they realize that there is no such thing (there are many effective ways of driving traffic online and some of them work faster and are easier to do than others, but there is no magic bullet) they will either give up or just go buy another “sure thing” course and repeat the whole process.

Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t chase your own tail around and around until you are broke. Instead find one way to drive traffic, stick with it until you are driving enough traffic to be making money, then go learn another. Keep that pattern up until you are making all the money you want to make.

If you want to speed up the process a little bit a good option is to hire someone to implement more than one traffic generation strategy as part of an overall
online marketing campaign.

Having someone do it for you, someone who has more experience than you and can dedicate themselves to just this one thing, will allow your business to grow more quickly.

This strategy will help your business grow more quickly for two reasons: one, it frees you up to do other things so your time is better spent, and two, it allows an expert to implement multiple traffic generation methods at one time right from the beginning. You probably couldn’t do that on your own since you probably don’t have that level of knowledge or that much time.

If you can afford it, and don’t immediately assume you can’t look around first, this is a great way to go. It can really help speed up the process of building your online business.

If you just can’t afford to hire someone to build an
online marketing campaign for you at this point, don’t worry. You can still build your business on your own by implementing one strategy first and then adding another and another until you are making all the money you want to make.

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Search Engine Keywords-Obtain Optimal Traffic To Website

Search engine keywords are the keywords you will use to attract the attention of the search engines to your website. This method of getting traffic, called search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to propel your website to the top of search results.

If you’ve ever done a search for anything online, no matter which search engine you prefer to use, you know that you can often get thousands of pages of results.

More than likely you are like the majority of people online and rarely look at the results much past the first page or two.

If you want your website to get noticed it is definitely in your best interest to get your website at the top of the search results. If you can get your site to the top 3 or 4 spots on the first page of results you can get many visitors to your site for free.

This free traffic is called organic traffic. This is a great method of traffic generation. The trick to using
search engine keywords is to target just the right keywords.

As you can imagine, some keywords have much more competition than others. If you try to use a keyword that is getting a lot of searches in a very popular niche, you will be lucky if your site ends up on page 1,300,000 of the results.

To see what I mean, type in a broad, generic phrase like “weight loss” and see how many pages of results there are. Then take a look at the top 3 or 4 sites that show up. More than likely they will be sites that are run by large companies.

That is because these companies can afford to hire whole staffs to work on their seo efforts. They can also afford to pay money for pay per click campaigns, no matter how expensive the bid prices are for that keyword.

For most of us, that isn’t an option. So, you want to target longer keywords that still get a lot of searches but will have far less competition.

For this example, lets say that you target the keyword “best weight loss programs for women”. I know, it’s a mouthful, but a long tailed keyword like this will most likely still get a lot of searches every month but the competition will be much less.

Another great benefit to long tailed keywords is that they are more targeted keywords. For example, the keyword weight loss is very broad and generic. It could be targeted to pretty much anyone. But the long tailed keyword “best weight loss programs for women” is much more focused so the women who are looking for such a program are likely to buy one when they find it.

The long tailed keywords are more specific and that means they are usually “buying” keywords. This is great since you will have more sales if you target buying keywords.

As I’m sure you can see, picking out the best
search engine keywords is an important first step to online success. It doesn’t matter if you do it manually or use a software program, get a great list of keywords and the money will follow.

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